Where To Buy Inexpensive Cashmere

A lot of people are put off by the eye watering price of some cashmere clothing, but there are a few more affordable brands out there so its not necessary to break the bank to own a cashmere piece! Although with cashmere usually the more you spend the better quality garment you will get. Nevertheless, here we have compiled a list of the less expensive brands available on the market today.


Uniqlo produces some great quality garments and has a large selection on their website showcasing around 65 different classic styles. Prices start at around £39.90 for a long sleeved sweater. Find them here


ASOS has a range of cashmere clothing under the brand ‘ASOS White’. They create vintage style looks reviving classic turtle neck and v-neck lines in vibrant block colours. They also sometimes stock branded cashmere clothing. Starting at around £55.00. Find them here

Supermarket Brands

Supermarkets are a great source for cheap cashmere, although some may not stock it all year round due to the availability and exclusivity of the material, when they do (often around winter time) its always sold at a reasonable price.

George (Asda)
TU (Sainsburys)
F+F (Tesco)
Atmosphere (Primark)

Prices can start as low as £30 for a ladies cashmere sweater.