Size Guide

As all of our items are pre-owned the sizing can vary depending on the original manufacturer or country of origin, because of this the label size is not always an accurate reflection of the actual size so we size items ourselves. We highly recommend you look at how we measure our garments before buying to make sure it fits.

How we take measurements

Size chart

We personally measure and categorize everything based on our own sizes regardless of the label size as we find this is the most reliable way of ordering our products. Please find our size charts for both women and men below.

Womens Size Chart

30 inches76.2 cm64348
32 inches81.3 cm863610
34 inches86.4 cm1083812
36 inches91.4 cm12104014
38 inches96.5 cm14124216
40 inches101.6 cm16144418
42 inches106.7 cm18164620
44 inches111.8 cm20184822
46 inches116.8 cm22205024
48 inches121.9 cm24225226

Mens Size Chart

XS30 inches40 inches
XS32 inches42 inches
S34 inches44 inches
S36 inches46 inches
M38 inches48 inches
M40 inches50 inches
L42 inches52 inches
L44 inches54 inches
XL46 inches56 inches
XL48 inches58 inches
XXL50 inches60 inches
XXL52 inches62 inches