How to tell if a Stone Island sweater is real?

stone island badge-how to tell if a stone island sweater is real?

Having been in the textile industry for over 20 years we have seen our fair share of counterfeit brands, with Stone Island been a prime target for imitation because of it eye watering price tag. If you are thinking of splashing out a few hundred pounds on a piece of clothing then you want to know what your are buying is the real deal. Here are a few tips to guide you in the right direction and navigate you through the ocean of fakes out there. As we deal mainly in sweaters, cardigans and scarves in this guide we will focus mainly on Stone Island sweaters as that is what we can offer the best advise on.

Art Numbers

Every Stone Island garment should come with its own unique art number found on the inside wash label. If it does not have one then the authenticity is questionable, although bare in mind that Stone Island garments made before 1986 didn’t always have art numbers. Often over looked by counterfeiters this code can supply you with some useful information.

The first two digits identify the year and season the garment was made. If the number is odd it’s a piece from Autumn/winter range, if the number is even it’s from Spring/summer.

The second two digits indicate the brand.

  • 13=c.p.under sixteen
  • 14=s.i.denims
  • 15 = Stone Island
  • 16=s.i. Junior
  • 18 = CP Company
  • 20=c.p. Donna

The third digit correlates to what the item is.

  • 5 – Knitwear
  • 6 – Sweatshirts, the rest are as follows
  • 0 – Leather
  • 1 – Shirts
  • 2 – T-Shirts
  • 3 – Trousers
  • 4 – Shoulder Pieces
  • 7 – Long Coats
  • 8 – Suit
  • 9 – Bags/Hats/Accessories
  • A – Jacket/Blazer
  • B – Swimming Trunks
  • G – Waistcoat
  • L – Bermuda Shorts
  • M – Jacket
  • S – Shoes

The following letter refers to the model.

The next two numbers inform us of the material and treatment the garment underwent during the manufacturing process.

The rest of the numbers refer to the colour of the garment and dye numbers

Washing Label

All Stone Island items post S/S 14 will be supplied with a certilogo QR code on the washing label to enable an on the spot authenticity check via scanning the code with you smartphone or by entering the code online at

Examining the wash label itself is the best way to distinguish the fakes from the real pieces. The sportswear SPA label should always state the art number and country of origin (bare in mind the country of origin will not always be Italy). It is actually a legal requirement in most countries for the country of origin to be printed on the label. So if it does not show the country then chances are it’s a fake.

Arm patch/Badge

The arm badge is also a good way to spot fakes but obviously these can be removed from real garments and attached onto the fakes so keep an eye out for this. Genuine Stone Island badges have a small drop stitch on either side of the button hole on the badge (see pics below), this may appear as a small dot or more commonly a thin line. The button holes themselves should look more hand stitched and be a slit as apposed to a rectangle shaped hole. The back of the badge should be lined with black silk material and the badge should be clearly stitched through and visible on the reverse (see pic). Pay close attention to the compass logo, if it looks poor quality or badly stitched this is an indication of a fake.

Arm patch Buttons

The buttons should be small, compact and consistent in size. In the centre of the button there should be a + cross, the plastic should have a glossy outer finish and the words Stone Island will be seen clearly etched into the outer edge of the buttons.


Stone Island is reputable company know for its excellent quality clothing. This attention to detail persists down to the intricate details of small pieces like the buttons, zips etc. All Stone Island zippers will be either YKK or Lampo which are designed to last for years. If the zip feels cheap and of poor quality its most likely a fake.


If the material feels cheap or is made from 100% polyester, nylon etc then it’s fake. Stone Island only uses the best material to manufacture there products as they are made to stand the test of time.


Stone Island products are not cheap. You get what you pay for. Use your common sense if you see a Stone Island item for sale for £25.00 be sceptical and avoid!

Thanks for reading and good luck!

3 thoughts on “How to tell if a Stone Island sweater is real?

  1. Rob Macgregor says:


    I have recently bought a stone island jacket off Ebay and I could do with support as to whether it is real or fake.

    • jamesgallagher says:

      Hi Rob
      I would say the best way is to look at the inside washing label to check the art numbers match the style of item and the year and season it was made. Have a close look at the zipper, it should say either YKK or Lampo on the underside. Also look at the buttons there should be a cross in the centre as apposed to four holes.
      Feel free to email me some close up pictures at of the inside washing label, badge, buttons etc if you need more help.

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